There are undoubtedly many benefits to being a pet owner, but this also comes with a lot of responsibility. The health and well being of the pet is a priority. There can be times when a health emergency may arise, and the pet has to be transported to the vet.

Assess the Situation

The first step is to quickly assess the situation. It has to be determined how much stress the pet is in. Unfortunately, in most cases, veterinarians do not make emergency house calls. The owner will have to transport the pet to the nearest vet. In some areas, there may be pet transport services which include emergency transporting.

Call the Vet Immediately

If possible, the vet who the pet is going to be taken to should be called. They should be informed of the emergency, and the vet may be able to give some immediate advice. It is essential to know that the vet will be there, before setting off.


Transporting the Pet

Depending on the circumstance, the pet should be put in some type of carrier for transporting. Most owners have some type of carrier which they use for their pet in the car when travelling. For the safety and protection of the sick or hurt animal, they should be transported in the carrier.

Take Someone With You

If you are the driver of the vehicle which you are transporting the pet in, it would be wise to take someone with you who could focus on the pet. This way, you are not going to be distracted by the condition of the pet. Even though this is an emergency, you will be required to obey the laws for driving and stick to the speed limit. Try to think clearly as to what would be the best and quickest route to take.

The second party can monitor the pet and keep it calm.