A lot of pets enjoy an outing in the car with their owner or the family. Then, some pets are terrified of being in the car. This is a condition which makes it challenging to travel with the pet. There are times when this cannot be avoided, such as when they need to go to the veterinarian. A few things can be done to help make this experience easier on the pet and the owner.

Start Familiarisation When the Pet is Young

For those who buy their pets as a baby, it is easier to train them and familiarise them with different experiences. Taking them out in the car frequently at this age will help them get used to travelling.

Take the dog out in the vehicle for different reasons. If they are only taken out in the car to go to the vet, then they may associate these two experiences together. A lot of pets such as dogs can be nervous about the vet. If they are put in the car, then they may recognise they are headed to the vet and start displaying some nervous signs right away.

Calming Remedies

There are some over the counter natural remedies which can be used to help calm the nervous dog down. Or, if the problem is becoming worse, then the veterinarian may prescribe something to help the dog relax when being transported.

The Proper Carrier

Quite often, a nervous pet when travelling will feel more secure if they are in a proper carrier. Placing a blanket over the top and sides of the carrier to make it darker may provide some extra comfort.

Talking to the pet in soothing tones at the same time may help to calm them down. They will sense the calmness in you, and it will help to relieve their stress.